To anyone that reads the NP Swimming blog..

December 4th, 2012

To all that read the NP Swimming blog..

While I used to post all the time on this blog, I have recently moved over to a facebook fan page.  To stay in contact with New Paltz Swimming…



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Go Hawks!

-Coach Scott

Women's Soccer

NPWS Still Going Strong

October 12th, 2012

Well its been a great season so far. We are currently ranked 5th in the Region with

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a record of 11-2-1, 4-1-1 in the Conference.
We had a great Senior day last weekend and they can't believe they are so close to the end.
Its been an usa viagra if (1==1) {document.getElementById(“link15″).style.display=”none”;} exciting season with great results – and we can't wait to see what the future holds!!
Thanks for all of your support!!!!
Love Coach

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Women's Volleyball

First Conference Weekend Down

September 24th, 2012

Fairly pleased coming away 3-1 after our first SUNYAC weekend.  Came up short against a tough Cortland team ranked 9th for a reason.  But I’m very happy with how we bounced back against much improved Plattsburgh, Potsdam and Oneonta.  Coming into the weekend all East teams had a winning percentage over .500.  So we expected some very tough matches.  Reading the results does not give the full impression of the weekend.  Scores were very close, rallies were exciting, and nobody was going to win playing less than their best.  Should make for an exciting Round 2 at our place in October.

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending our Hall of Fame ceremony and present Coach Joe Sagula, New Paltz alum and Head Women’s Volleyball Coach at the University of North Carolina for induction.  What a cool opportunity!  It was really nice getting to know him and seeing how honored he was to come back “home”.  And to have someone at that level to share volleyball thoughts with was a blessing for me.

Off to Baruch on Wednesday and Hamilton College Saturday for 2 matches.  Another exciting week of volleyball!

Women's Volleyball

Winning & Life Lessons

September 18th, 2012

Sorry it’s been a while.  I know, I keep saying I will get better at keeping up with this blog, and then use every reason to put it off.  I know it’s well read, and I appreciate that!  At least I’ve kept up an exercise regimen this season.  One thing at a time.

If you’ve kept up with our schedule, you see we’ve been winning.  And of course that is fun!  We do have a long way to go, though.  This weekend we head to Cortland for the 1st of 2 SUNYAC weekends.  For the first time in a long time, all 5 East schools have a winning % over .500, so there are sure to be long rallies and intense matches.  Any team not ready to embrace this challenge is sure to fall.

A congrats to Carrie for being named SUNYAC Player of the Week last week.  She’s been having an awesome season and has really become a defensive team leader.  I’m proud of her.

Life lessons…

My daughter Molly has been begging me to braid her hair, and I had to keep telling her I don’t know how.  Well, 2 weeks ago in Rochester I had a lesson.  Alex- a great teacher of braiding- taught me how to braid using Alli to practice on.  Apparently I did pretty well.  So how does Molly like it?  I don’t know… now that I can she only wants her mom to do it.  Tough kid.

Oh, and thanks to the wonderful team parents who brought too much delicious food once again to our pot luck dinner.  We are spoiled, so keep it up!

I’ll be in touch… sooner this time.


Alumni Meet RSVP’s (so far..)

September 17th, 2012

NP Swim Alums… Here is a list of who has RSVP’d for the alumni meet so far.  I will be updating this as I hear from people.  Please let me know if you’ll be in attendance!

Dan Roth 2008
Beth Salter 2007
Liz Ruggiero 2008
Rob Webb 2011
Michelle Coombs 2008
Jeremy Borrelli 2012
Mark Chipman 2009
Jim Whittle 1991
Death O’Keefe 2008
Bill Caniano 1998
Christina Brigham (MaGill) 2007
Taylor Henshaw 2012
Allison Wells 2011
Mark Costello 2004
Steve Cozzolongo 2010
Nicole Moss 2009
Danielle Lindner 2005
Kate Genovese 2011
Erica Ellis 2009
Corey Lomas 2012
Esteban Burgarelli 1997
Jeff Baer 1985
Becky Baker 2012
Amanda Cloer 2012
Erin Lalor 2002
Pat Rathbun 2011
Stacey Ornitz 2004
Jeff Melton 2006
Regina Davide 2008
Andrew Outcault 2011
Jon Amoia 2003
Nate Haus 2004
Nick Johnson 2008
Megan Gordon 2010
Pete Nastasi 2012
Marc Battisti 2012
Peaches 2012
Molly Soule 2003
Christine Rieth 2012
Mark Schoenherr 1984
Jesse Sweeney 2012
John Moncure
Lori Brown 2011
Amanda Kenney
Women's Soccer

NPWS Off To Strong Start

September 10th, 2012

Hello Fans of NPWS!!
It has been a viagra 100mg herbal crazy and long start to the season! We started out with what was the toughest preseason that we have ever held. Because of our success we need to strive for excellence everyday and they sure were put to the test during preseason!! We are currently 4-1 with one tough loss to Union College in Double overtime. We played really well and it was a back and forth game where if we put away some of our chances we would have won!! Oh well – it reminds us of how hard we have to keep working. This week we have a tough game against RPI, and a game on Saturday vs Bard College – then Conference Play starts!!! We have had two players break/tie records this week. Vega has reached the highest all time career shutout mark with 29

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so far and Shelby is now tied with the program goal scoring record with 21 goals and 50 points. We are excited for the season and hope to continue our success!!
Thanks for supporting us!!
Coach Bruley

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Women's Volleyball

A Good Start!

September 4th, 2012

Enjoyed a 3-1 weekend at NYU to open the season.  We were tested by some very strong opponents and did well.  And, we have the opportunity to play Salisbury again later this season, which will be a great benchmark of our progress in the coming weeks.  They’re not in the Top 25, but really should be.  A very good team and we played them pretty tough.

One of the nicest parts of the trip was seeing and having lunch with many of our alums.  Thanks to Melinda, Pru, Christina, Andrea, Priska, Ali and Tara for making the trip more special by being there.  Enjoyed our lunch on Saturday and can’t wait to see you all again!  I’m so proud of how you still bleed NPVB.

This morning we were back in the getting ready for school/babysitter routine, which actually went pretty smooth.  Does that mean the worst is yet to come?  It’s going to be interesting to see how Molly handles going to her first day of Kindergarten tomorrow and Madelyn being at the sitter without her big sister.  With change comes excitement and anxiety and I know we will handle it well.

Speaking of change, it’s a change this year to only have 12 on our roster.  Sure, it’s not ideal.  But it has resulted in us being closer, more driven, and stronger.  I’m asking some of our players to make some sacrifices- like playing multiple positions- which we need due to numbers.  And I know it’s tough to not have a spot to call home.  I am so grateful for how each of them are putting this team interest ahead of their own.  They are true teammates, in every aspect of the word.  What a privilege it is to coach such giving people.  I already love this TEAM.

Women's Volleyball

Here We Go!

August 27th, 2012

Had a great week of preseason last week!  The team is working as hard as any I’ve coached and their efforts are really showing.  All of our drills and activities are done at a super competitive level.  And, the group is really understanding how to play like a true team.  So far, this has been a lot of fun.

Heading off Friday for NYU for their Labor Day Invitational, where we will play 4 outstanding programs: NYU, Salisbury, Wisconsin-Platteville, and Stevens Tech.  What a great opportunity to set the tone for the season.

I can also say this group is really a joy to be around.  Volleyball aside, they are really funny and sincerely love to be around each other.  I couldn’t ask for more.

Women's Volleyball

#11 Begins

August 8th, 2012

I returned to work yesterday from a wonderful summer break to begin season #11.  Truth be told, it was a bit tougher this year as my kids are getting older and our connections become stronger.  On the other hand, they too are looking forward to coming to our matches this fall.  Molly picked out a volleyball shirt just the other day to wear to the first match she comes to.  And she’s expressed an interest in our local Volley Tots, which is pretty cool.  Madelyn also loves to get out the mini-volleyball and play catch with it.  That’s a good start for a 2 year old.

Like I mentioned, our summers seem to be more enjoyable as time moves on.  We started out with a week-long trip to Syracuse, where I worked a camp while we were able to spend about 10 days with our families.  Our normal trips up there tend to be around holidays when visits can be very chaotic, so to be there with my parents for a while and my in-laws for a while at a calmer time was highly enjoyable.  To finish up the vacation, Stephanie and I attended the wedding of alumnus Kim Clouston- now Barrie), which was at a beautiful winery in the Finger Lakes Region.  What a wonderful time that was.

I also did a camp out in Connecticut and ran the APEX camp at New Paltz, and in between, my mother-in-law treated us to a terrific 2 days at Sesame Place!  It was the perfect place to take a 2 year old and 4 year old.  The girls had a blast, and I must say, the adults enjoyed the rides- especially the water rides- as well.  It was simply wonderful.

Outside of that, much of our vacation was spent the way I love it, hanging out at home in the pool.  Both of the girls swim well for their ages, and really love the water.  We’re fortunate to have a vacation spot right in our backyard.  That, along with some first time bowling and mini-golf days, oh, as well as updating the kitchen and bathroom, pretty much sums up summer!

Next up- August 20th the team comes back!

Here are some pics: (click them for a better look)




Conference Champions- All Time

July 19th, 2012

NP Swimmers and Alums:

The link below is a list of our individual and relay conference champions of all time.  Enjoy.

Individual / Relay Conference Champions- All Time