Hooker’s Senior Farewell Blog!!

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

NPWL..what I wouldn’t do to play another season.

The very first year New Paltz reinstated the women’s lacrosse team in ’08 we were just a group of girls looking to have some fun on the new turf. Now, we have become so much more than that. Each year this team has grown in little, improved a little, and stepped up a little harder to the challenge of the SUNYAC competition. This season that little step became a giant leap and our threat in the conference was established. Each individual player improved beyond measure throughout the season which turned our premature team into a record breaking family. We have set standards for years to come and I know that those standards are only going to be set higher and higher as this team continues to flourish. Being the underdogs, with a group of girls thrown together in just three short years, playing against top teams in the nation who have been recruited for years, it is amazing the success that we have made for ourselves. That success comes from strong heart. Through all the losses and beatings, we came out headstrong every time and continued to fight as one, undivided family. We picked each other up and held each other together through the good and bad. Each one of us synchronized our individual love for the game and desire to win to come out with a 5-0 record at the beginning of the season; something that nobody believed we were capable of. That is what made our team successful: belief and faith in each other, on and off the field. I am so proud of the team that we became this season and I don’t regret a single minute of it. I believe in the girls who have become like family to me and I have faith that every proceeding year they will continue to improve tremendously. I will always cherish my experience with NPWL and wish the best for my girls. Goodluck in future seasons; I will be your #1 fan. You better be kicking some SUNYAC a** next year and watch out for alumni weekend ;-)




Senior Farewell by Captain Brittany Bennett

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Senior Farewell

This year was definitely interesting, but also one of the best. The girls this year were the closest and the most fun in my three years of experience on NPWL.  We had some very talented girls on our team, and our success in the beginning could not have happened without them; even some of the freshman who stepped up and started for us. It is frustrating that we couldn’t keep that winning streak going and some of these losses suffered this year were some of the most devastating I have personally ever gone through.

But the best part about this year was that we grew together. I have always said that each season always ends up changing me in some way, and this season is no different. Being captain of this young team, I felt a sense of responsibility I have never felt before. I was chosen not only to guide and support the girls, but also to look out for them off the field. It is the first time I felt this deep family love for any team I have been on.

I will severely miss this program. Through all the morning practices in February, two hour practices with a weight lift after, 12 hours on a bus on weekdays, pasta parties, “movie nights,” and the soreness two days after playing Cortland I wouldn’t trade this experience for anything for it is invaluable.



Brittany Bennett


Saying Good Bye! Senior Post By Captain Gabby Dewey

Friday, May 20th, 2011

Being apart of the New Paltz Women’s Lacrosse Team was the best choice I made after coming to New Paltz. I was able to play the sport I love with a group of girls I love. It was hard at first with everyone coming from different places with different styles of play but I think learning to mesh together into the New Paltz team is what brought us and will continue to bring this team closer together. This year we played with heart and class no matter what team we went up against. We were persistent and dedicated throughout the entire season. No matter how hard coach pushed us in pre season workouts, or how many 15-second sprints we had to do at the end of practice we did it together as a family. I am very proud to see how far we have come from last year. This team will only keep getting better and better with each next recruited class. I wish the team the best of luck for next year and the many years to come.

Best of Luck to you Gabby in your future endeavors!!! Coach

Special thanks to our new assistant coach! Thank you for all your help and support!

Monday, May 16th, 2011

In collegiate sports, with every new season comes many changes.  Seniors have graduated and moved on to the next phase of their lives.  Freshman and new transfer students begin their tenures with the team.  But for the Lady Hawks lacrosse team, this season came with another change: a new assistant coach!!


Lindsey Grundfast has assumed the role previously fulfilled by Brian Praetorius, who took a job with the lacrosse team at Trinity College.  Lindsey comes to the position of assistant coach with a wealth of playing and teaching experience, but also with several connections to the New Paltz lacrosse team.  In high school, Lindsey played under New Paltz head coach Heather Semelmacher at Saugerties High School for the first three very successful years of that school’s varsity lacrosse program.  Also while at Saugerties, she shared the field as a teammate with current New Paltz midfielder Brittany Hunt.  And finally, she is very familiar with former assistant coach Brian Praetorius, who has been best friends with Lindsey’s older brother Eric for over ten years.


Connections aside, Lindsey bring to the team her remarkable experience as a player.  After three years as the standout starting goalkeeper at Saugerties, she started her collegiate athletic career at Dominican College in Blauvelt, NY.  She was the starting goalkeeper from the first game of her freshman year until the very last game of her senior year- a very impressive feat!  A force to be reckoned with between the pipes, she consistently ranked among the top of the Central Atlantic Collegiate Conference (CACC) in saves per game and save percentage.  In 2009, she was ranked forth among all Division II goalies with an average 14.0 saves per game on the season.




In addition to playing experience, Lindsey has coached and taught lacrosse at Camp Robindel for Girls in New Hampshire for the past four summers.  There she created the advanced lacrosse program for the 13-15 year old girls.  With this program, girls who play lacrosse at home during the school year can strengthen and hone their skills and gain playing time during the summer.  She also teaches younger girls the basic of lacrosse and occasionally puts down her stick to try her hand at other sports.


Lindsey has been with the Hawks team since February so she was able to spend several weeks getting acquainted with the players and figuring out the ins and outs of the team before the start of games.  She has been working extensively with the goalies, providing invaluable knowledge and insight for a very specialized position.  Although she has no experience playing anywhere but in goal, she is enjoying the opportunity to coach offense, defense, in addition to goaltending.  She’s even getting used to playing with a “regular” stick, although she doesn’t have her own yet, much to the amusement of some of the Hawks players.



Lindsey is extremely excited to be a Hawk and join the New Paltz women’s lacrosse team!!









Junior Class Post

Monday, May 9th, 2011

In 2008, Krista Hannaford, Samantha DelGaudio, and Julia Donato, entered SUNY New Paltz to become the first freshman class to be apart of the women’s lacrosse program after six years.  Now, three years into the program, it is crazy to think about how far our team has managed to come with each passing season.

Freshman year proposed new challenges as we sought to set the standard for New Paltz Lacrosse.  As a new program, there was no certain style or character to just fall into and pick up as freshmen, so it was up to us to help define what would become the New Paltz way.  From team plays, to team workouts, to team cheers and traditions, we got to be part of the start of it all.  We were the future of the program, as we knew we would be the first class to make it through the first four years of the program.  Therefore, from the start we wanted to make New Paltz a team of interest.

Moving towards sophomore year, we never would have thought one team could change and progress as much as ours did.  Losing our first great group of seniors, and gaining our first official recruiting class, as well as new sophomores including, Taylor Henshaw and Stefanie Mignone, our team began to push in a more definitive direction.  We came up with the phrase, “Hold the Rope,” to set the page for our 2009-2010 season, and took to the season doing just that.  “Hold the Rope” became the phrase we used to define our team as a growing unit, on and off the field.  Off the field, we became a source of information for incoming freshman to help make their transition to college life a little bit easier, and on the field, we became a tight group to push each other through each practice and game, in and out.  When we were down and losing, we “held the rope,” when we were pulling through tough game situations, we “held the rope,” and when we were busting through our 15 second sprints at the end of each practice, no matter how tired we thought we were, we always held the rope, from coaches down through each individual player.

Now, as the present representing junior class, we have come to define New Paltz Women’s Lacrosse as a “family.”  You can look around the locker room and u see a set of girls that have made your college experience what it has become.  And it is these girls that you find yourself running to, literally, on the field, as well as off the field.  As a family, we have truly come a long way from our freshman year, and for us we feel that this characteristic is what makes New Paltz Lacrosse the strong developing program that it is.  We have battled with the toughest teams in our conference and hung tight together from first whistle to last, whether we were up or down.  Our team is still in early stages of growth and when you come here to play you get the opportunity to make a difference for the programs future success.  NPWL has come to be defined by the idea that “We having nothing to lose, but everything to gain,” and we take to each practice, game, and season, one day at a time.

Next year we will be seniors, eager to learn what our new incoming freshman will bring to the table our 2011-2012 season!! J


-Krista, Sam, Julia, Taylor, and Stef


Sophomore 2011 Blog

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Sophomore class
Our sophomore class was the first recruited class of New Paltz Women’s lacrosse. To come into a program with the chance to really make a change, and to make a difference, is one of the greatest opportunities we can have. “we can now set the precedence for what is the New Paltz Way”- says Juli Rehain, and it could not be more true. We are the example for what is to come after us, and we all embrace that pressure. Lacrosse is something that matters to all of us, and all of the time and energy we put into it has an immense pay off. This is who we are, and we can change what will come after us. We made it through the first year, and it was rough, but we are all starting to realize that hard work is worth it, that putting in this effort will make a mark for years to come. Keller says that we “were brought into this program with hopes of leading our team to victory” and we are starting to do just that. Going from 4 wins one season to 7 (WITH MORE TO COME!) Is a great accomplishment, especially within the span of just a year. It is our responsibility, as the sophomore class, to take in the underclassmen, to show them what we are made of, and to help guide our team to victory. Coming in as the first recruited class gave us equality with our teammates, we have little of the hierarchy you find on older, established teams. But that is great. It gives us learn to mould this team into what we believe it should be, and to make it our own. Now, we have a team of 21 individuals and 2 coaches, working together as one unit, and we can only hope to bring that even closer together, something we can look back on and be proud to say “yes, that was us, and we did it together. “
- Juli, Hunt, Keller, Erin, Reg, Dougie, Erica and Meredith

The Freshman 2011 Blog

Wednesday, April 20th, 2011


APRIL 2011


We are hawks now. Coming to New Paltz, as freshman, we were terrified. Unsure if our wings were going to soar and open, along with the upper classmen. We all came from different places, different backgrounds with different styles of play. But with intense months of family bonding and training we grew and were finally able to open our wings. Once your wings are open, flying high becomes the task at hand. This was no easy job, but we found a way. The New Paltz way is fight for a strong finish, 15 seconds left; and your heart you hit the field. We’ve have grown and learned to never give up. It has been a truly wonderful flight. Technically we are a young program, but coming here as freshman we saw nothing but wisdom and maturity. We’ve all grown together and look forward to continuing that growth with our fellow Lady Hawks. We will move mountains to climb to reach all our goals; without a doubt this can happen. We all agree our team has a lot of heart, we love laughing together and having fun. At the end of the day that’s what it’s all about! We feel so fortunate that we were given the chance to play here. We wouldn’t want it any other way.



-2014 Freshies!!

2011 SEASON!!!

Wednesday, April 6th, 2011

After a long hibernation, the New Paltz Hawks women’s lacrosse coaches’ blog is back!!  Since we’ve been gone for the entirety of this season, we’ve got a lot of catching up to do on what’s happened so far.

After six weeks of preseason practice and early morning conditioning workouts, March brought a preview of spring and the first games of the lacrosse season.  The team kicked off the season on a high note with a 10-6 win against Ramapo College.

In the home opener against Farmingdale State College, the ladies dominated in goals, draws and saves coming out victorious with a score of 14-7.

In the third game in the first six days of the season, the team continued their winning ways against Mount Saint Mary.  Starting the game by finding the back of the net an impressive six times in the first five minutes of action, the Hawks maintained a strong command for the remainder of the game easily conquering the Knights 18-6.

While on spring break from classes, we continued our season on the road making trips to play Smith College and Hartwick College.  With superb performances by many players, the team triumphed over the Pioneers of Smith by a score of 17-10.  This win boosted our record to 4-0 and equaling the program record for wins in a season.  This was an impressive achievement seeing as the team had only four wins for the whole 2010 season.

Demonstrating that they are a force to be reckoned with, the team had a sensational performance against Hartwick and notched a last minute (literally) goal to break a tie and win the game 10-9.  At this point the Hawks now have the most wins consecutively in a season, most career wins for the programs history and the most wins for a single coach! Great Job to the Lady Hawks!!!!

The 5 game winning streak came to an end, as all good things must, in a game against University of Scranton.  The ladies rallied back from a six goal deficit but were unable to overcome the Scranton Royals in the end, losing 12-8.

The first SUNYAC league game was last weekend against SUNY Fredonia.  Searching for the team’s first conference win since the 2009 program reinstatement, the ladies went up early on and pulled a four unanswered goals to start the second half, but could not hold on against the strength of the Blue Devils, falling short 18-7.

At this point Samantha DelGaudio and Junior attacker set the program’s all – time record for career points at 113 points; breaking Katie Sharps 109 career points.  GREAT JOB SAMANTHA!!!!!!

We will continue SUNYAC play, interspersed by several non-conference games, and look forward to showing our strength, power, fitness and willpower to the opponents that we face.  This year’s team has a range of talent and experience, from freshman rookies to established upperclassmen and together they are proving to be a team ready to enter uncharted territory and contend with any competitors.

Stay tuned for frequent updates on our progress and notable highlights.   GO LADY HAWKS!!!!!


Hawks Featured in The Little Rebellion

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The women’s lacrosse team was featured in The Little Rebellion, an online publication put out by SUNY New Paltz.  Check out the article and some great photos of our game vs. Bard!


Hawks Showing Second Year Improvement

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

The second year for the New Paltz women’s lacrosse team has shown marked improvement over the 2009 season.  With a current record of 3-8, they have already surpassed their win total from last year with 4 games remaining.

Recent games have shown that the girls are learning how to play aggressively and together as a unit.  A 16-8 win over Mount Saint Mary College on Saturday ended a full week of hard work and conditioning for the girls.  MSM is a second year team from Newburgh, playing with their first recruited class, much like the Hawks.

They showed much improvement in set offense and team chemistry.  Sam DelGaudio and Juli Rehain combined for 11 points, and seven different players scored goals.  Maggie Delauter made 14 saves in net.

On Tuesday, the Dragons from Oneonta made the trip to New Paltz for a SUNYAC match-up.  In 2009, the Hawks fell to Oneonta by a score of 23-1.  The Dragons came down to New Paltz on Tuesday and were met with a team that was prepared for a battle.

The Hawks came out on fire, scoring the first goal and playing with heart and intensity.  At half, faced with a 4-7 deficit, the girls knew they needed to come out with the same fire they had in the first half.  After allowing a small run, the Hawks climbed back to make the game 8-12 before a 5 goal run by the Dragons.

The girls played until the very last whistle, and walked off the field with a 10-18 loss.  However, they knew that Oneonta was leaving with a feeling of shock, as they never expected this team to play the way they did.

Five different Hawks found the back of the net, and Maggie made 18 saves in one of her best performances of the season.

On Thursday, the Hawks played host to Bard College, a new program from across the river.  From the first whistle to the last, we dominated every facet of the game.  The first half showed that the long days of transition and field awareness drills pay off, and brought a 12-1 lead into the half.

In the second half, the girls concentrated on set offense, running through multiple different plays.  14 different Hawks scored goals, and all of the players were used off the bench.  Maggie and Stef Mignone split time in net, Maggie saved 2 shots, and Stef saved 2 as well.  The final score was 21-1.

Tomorrow, the girls travel to Cortland, NY to take on nationally-ranked SUNY Cortland in a conference matchup.  We look to continue our improvement on the field, and show Cortland that we are not the same team from last year.

Watching this team improve and come together as a unit has been exciting.  Their dedication and hard work is being shown through their success as our season comes into the final stretch.  We are confident in the girls and look forward to bringing home our first SUNYAC win in the next couple weeks.

Keep checking back for more updates on the team as we enter our final 4 games!