Junior Class Post

In 2008, Krista Hannaford, Samantha DelGaudio, and Julia Donato, entered SUNY New Paltz to become the first freshman class to be apart of the women’s lacrosse program after six years.  Now, three years into the program, it is crazy to think about how far our team has managed to come with each passing season.

Freshman year proposed new challenges as we sought to set the standard for New Paltz Lacrosse.  As a new program, there was no certain style or character to just fall into and pick up as freshmen, so it was up to us to help define what would become the New Paltz way.  From team plays, to team workouts, to team cheers and traditions, we got to be part of the start of it all.  We were the future of the program, as we knew we would be the first class to make it through the first four years of the program.  Therefore, from the start we wanted to make New Paltz a team of interest.

Moving towards sophomore year, we never would have thought one team could change and progress as much as ours did.  Losing our first great group of seniors, and gaining our first official recruiting class, as well as new sophomores including, Taylor Henshaw and Stefanie Mignone, our team began to push in a more definitive direction.  We came up with the phrase, “Hold the Rope,” to set the page for our 2009-2010 season, and took to the season doing just that.  “Hold the Rope” became the phrase we used to define our team as a growing unit, on and off the field.  Off the field, we became a source of information for incoming freshman to help make their transition to college life a little bit easier, and on the field, we became a tight group to push each other through each practice and game, in and out.  When we were down and losing, we “held the rope,” when we were pulling through tough game situations, we “held the rope,” and when we were busting through our 15 second sprints at the end of each practice, no matter how tired we thought we were, we always held the rope, from coaches down through each individual player.

Now, as the present representing junior class, we have come to define New Paltz Women’s Lacrosse as a “family.”  You can look around the locker room and u see a set of girls that have made your college experience what it has become.  And it is these girls that you find yourself running to, literally, on the field, as well as off the field.  As a family, we have truly come a long way from our freshman year, and for us we feel that this characteristic is what makes New Paltz Lacrosse the strong developing program that it is.  We have battled with the toughest teams in our conference and hung tight together from first whistle to last, whether we were up or down.  Our team is still in early stages of growth and when you come here to play you get the opportunity to make a difference for the programs future success.  NPWL has come to be defined by the idea that “We having nothing to lose, but everything to gain,” and we take to each practice, game, and season, one day at a time.

Next year we will be seniors, eager to learn what our new incoming freshman will bring to the table our 2011-2012 season!! J


-Krista, Sam, Julia, Taylor, and Stef


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