Hooker’s Senior Farewell Blog!!

NPWL..what I wouldn’t do to play another season.

The very first year New Paltz reinstated the women’s lacrosse team in ’08 we were just a group of girls looking to have some fun on the new turf. Now, we have become so much more than that. Each year this team has grown in little, improved a little, and stepped up a little harder to the challenge of the SUNYAC competition. This season that little step became a giant leap and our threat in the conference was established. Each individual player improved beyond measure throughout the season which turned our premature team into a record breaking family. We have set standards for years to come and I know that those standards are only going to be set higher and higher as this team continues to flourish. Being the underdogs, with a group of girls thrown together in just three short years, playing against top teams in the nation who have been recruited for years, it is amazing the success that we have made for ourselves. That success comes from strong heart. Through all the losses and beatings, we came out headstrong every time and continued to fight as one, undivided family. We picked each other up and held each other together through the good and bad. Each one of us synchronized our individual love for the game and desire to win to come out with a 5-0 record at the beginning of the season; something that nobody believed we were capable of. That is what made our team successful: belief and faith in each other, on and off the field. I am so proud of the team that we became this season and I don’t regret a single minute of it. I believe in the girls who have become like family to me and I have faith that every proceeding year they will continue to improve tremendously. I will always cherish my experience with NPWL and wish the best for my girls. Goodluck in future seasons; I will be your #1 fan. You better be kicking some SUNYAC a** next year and watch out for alumni weekend ;-)




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