Spring Practice

I guess I’m a little slow.  My last blog led us into spring break and the excitement of spring practice.  Well, we’re already halfway through!  And I can say I’m quite happy with our progress.

Now, the cautious part of me doesn’t want to give away what we’ve been doing in a public forum.  I can say this.  I’ve talked in the past about how hard the team was working on strength & conditioning.  Exciting to me is seeing the difference in the level of play, or dare I say, their power.  And with a season under their belt, our freshmen are playing with confidence making practice so much more competitive.

Many of our practices are at 7am or 8am.  Once we get going, you’d never know what time of day it is.  The group is so into it you’d think it was the middle of the afternoon!  I guess I sound like a proud coach.

While we savor each day of the 16 we’re allowed, I can’t help but look ahead with excitement to April 15, when we’ll head to Stevens Tech for a multi-team scrimmage.  The chance to showcase the new NPVB in that setting will allow Priska and me to use our final week of practice wisely as we then look ahead to the 2012 season.

If you’re around the Stevens area, stop by!  I think we start at 10am, and we’ll be there for the day.

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