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I mentioned in my last blog my youngest started potty training.  For those of you who read this regularly, especially prospects, I’d like to use this as a way to talk a bit about my coaching style.

When Madelyn decided, on her own and to our surprise as she’s not quite 2, to do this, we decided to go for broke- put her in underwear and deal with the cleanup.  We learned Madelyn loves the positive feedback of getting M&M’s for successful attempts, and didn’t so much like the wet feeling when she waited too long.  Both forms of immediate feedback has resulted in a very successful endeavor, and Madelyn is doing awesome!

In thinking about this it’s a lot like I coach.  We will teach a new skill or strategy, go through the parts of it, and shortly thereafter put our players in a game-like atmosphere and through creative scoring or “rules” force them to try this new skill.  For example:

When we teach our outsides to hit line effectively, we start at the basics, talk and show “why” we do it this way, and allow them to give it a try.  After some repetitions, we add blockers who are giving a little bit of line and defenders who know the ball is going line.  The hitters then hit line, and receive immediate feedback on their attempt.  A kill means they did well, a block/dig/or attack error means something went awry.  There is very little open court attempts, as that does not allow feedback of how effective the attempt is.  The added defenders do.  Then we’ll get to a game where line shots are worth bonus points!

We apply this type of teaching to all of our components.  And our players gain the confidence in knowing if I can be effective against my teammate, I must be doing well.  Immediate feedback leads to self-confidence, which leads to confident performance.

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