Winning & Life Lessons

Sorry it’s been a while.  I know, I keep saying I will get better at keeping up with this blog, and then use every reason to put it off.  I know it’s well read, and I appreciate that!  At least I’ve kept up an exercise regimen this season.  One thing at a time.

If you’ve kept up with our schedule, you see we’ve been winning.  And of course that is fun!  We do have a long way to go, though.  This weekend we head to Cortland for the 1st of 2 SUNYAC weekends.  For the first time in a long time, all 5 East schools have a winning % over .500, so there are sure to be long rallies and intense matches.  Any team not ready to embrace this challenge is sure to fall.

A congrats to Carrie for being named SUNYAC Player of the Week last week.  She’s been having an awesome season and has really become a defensive team leader.  I’m proud of her.

Life lessons…

My daughter Molly has been begging me to braid her hair, and I had to keep telling her I don’t know how.  Well, 2 weeks ago in Rochester I had a lesson.  Alex- a great teacher of braiding- taught me how to braid using Alli to practice on.  Apparently I did pretty well.  So how does Molly like it?  I don’t know… now that I can she only wants her mom to do it.  Tough kid.

Oh, and thanks to the wonderful team parents who brought too much delicious food once again to our pot luck dinner.  We are spoiled, so keep it up!

I’ll be in touch… sooner this time.

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